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" Per el stomegh d’on bon milanes, ghe va robba del noster paes. "



Our classic fried dumpling served with served with cold cuts, nervetti beef slices, beans and Tropea onions 12 €

Selection of cheeses with caramelized red onion compote and seasonal fruit 12 €

Mondeghili meatballs in a tomato and basil cold sauce 9 €

Piedmont Fassona beef tartare from the famous Oberto butchers, topped with topped with fresh seasonal vegetables 15 €

La Pesa Veal in tuna sauce 13 €

Warm layered pasta served with bolognese sauce, creamy Stracciatella cheese and ground Bronte pistachio nuts from Sicily 12 €


Saffron risotto 13 €

Risotto alla parmigiana with lemon, mint, sage and broad beans sauce 14 €

Thick Chitarra spaghetti from the famous Pastificio Morelli makers, served in a lightly spiced Sicilian Pachino tomato sauce 12 €

Tube-shaped Paccheri pasta from the famous Pastificio Morelli makers, served with aubergines, smoked provola cheese, olives and a tomato and thyme concassé 12 €

Bite-sized gnocchi (potato pasta) flavoured with nettle, served with sauteed mussels and chives 13 €


Classic Milanese breaded veal cutlet served with oven-baked potatoes 19 €

Grilled Piedmont Fassona beef slice from the famous Oberto butchers, with oven-baked potatoes 22 €

Slow cooked beef cheek served with fennel and vegetable ratatouille 19 €

Rabbit marinated in superior extra virgin olive oil, served with peppermint-flavoured zucchini 16 €

Cuttlefish with red and yellow tomatoes, cucumber and bacon chips 18 €


Saffron risotto with ossobuco veal 23 €

Saffron risotto with veal cutlet 23 €


Mixed salad | Oven-baked potatoes | Steamed seasonal vegetables 6 €


Homemade Tirmisù 6 €

Berries cheesecake 6 €

Crema catalana 6 €

Pineapple with Maraschino 6 €

La Pesa house ice cream 6 €

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