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" Se te voeu fatt on nemis, impresta danee a on amis. "



Our classic antipasto platter: mixed salami served with fried dumplings, borretane onions stewed in balsamic vinegar with bean and Tropea onions 13 €

Mondeghili served with cauliflower cream and orange peel 9 €

Bagna Càuda served with Pinzimonio (shaved seasonal vegetable salad) 12 €

Pumpkin and leek flan served with fondue cheese 12 €

The classic: Cotechino Sausage with Lentils 13 €


Traditional saffron risotto 13 €

Creamy broccoli risotto with olive patè, anchovies and chili powder 14 €

“Tajarin” egg pasta strands served in wild boar ragu 13 €

Bite-sized nettle-flavoured gnocchi potato pasta with spicy Gorgonzola cheese cream and pan frisella flavored crumbs 14 €

The traditional “Pasta e fasöi” (Pasta and Beans) 13 €


Classic Milanese breaded veal cutlet served with thyme-flavoured oven-baked potatoes 19 €

Ganassino, braised beef cheek, served with polenta 19 €

Beef California style (cooked in the milk) served with mashed potatoes 19 €

Kidney of veal sautéed with Milanese risotto 23 €

Polenta concia - polenta with Gorgonzola cheese and Piedmont Toma cheese 16 €


Milanese-style saffron risotto with ossobuco veal 23 €

Busecca - Milanese tripe soup 16 €

Cassoeula - traditional dish of pork and cabbage, served with polenta (according to availability) 22 €


Mixed salad | Oven-baked potatoes | Steamed seasonal vegetables 6 €

Purified water, bread and service included


Homemade Tirmisù 6 €

Berries cheesecake 6 €

Chocolate Bôunet with rum amaretti bisquit 6 €

Pineapple with Maraschino 6 €

La Pesa house ice cream 6 €

Milanese Panettone with mascarpone cream 6 €

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